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"Be fearful when others are greedy. Be Greedy when others are fearful."

- Warren Buffet

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Stock Market : The First Step

Your First step into the stock market, a course from basic to an intermediate level.
for complete course
No Prior Knowledge Required
Learn from the stratch
Intermedite Level Topics Also Covered
Learn To Read Charts
Real life examples for each concept
20+ hours lectures

Technical Analysis : Understanding Price Action 

Your next step into the stock market, an intermediate to advance level course.
for complete course
Basic Knowledge Required
100% practical approach
Feedback from 2 Professional Traders
Learn Price Action setup
10+ hours lectures

Technical Analysis Using Indicators 

Learn technical indicators to make more educated, calculated and profitable trades!
for complete course
Basic Knowledge Required
100% practical approach 
Learn How to use indicators
Genarate trades using indicators
6+ hours lectures

Python for Finance Bundle

Be an Expert in the cutting edge Technology. Start with no prior knowledge and be an Expert.
Upskill Yourself to stand out in competition
Land with your dream job in finance
100% support from our trainers

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“Trading is an art, the only way to master it is patience” - CA Saksham Agarwal

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As I keep on saying that everything is demand & supply, the price of each asset (including but not limited to stocks, bonds, commodities, etc.) is determined by the demand and supply forces....

“Yesterday a dear friend asked me a sector to bet on for the coming years, I replied with a smile, “bet on India, I guarantee You won’t loose”. This is the level of confidence that I have in the Indian economy and the government as an investor...

We can see cheer in the Indian stock market which is discounting the vaccine hopes given by pzifer first & then a few more companies..

Recently everyone must have heard of the US adding India to the currency manipulator watchlist, so what does it mean & what’s India’s counter?

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